Thursday, January 2, 2014

Munchkin Meals

I'm linking up once again with Brittany at A Health Slice Of Life for Munchkin Meals! Check her out for a bunch of great ideas for munckin eats!
Our biggest development in mealtime lately has been that Ben now sits at the table in a big chair! He sat successfully in his high chair and really liked it up until last week, but the transition has officially been made because we need the high chair for this one:

She will start with her first Munckin Meals in another week or so - I'm not really in a rush! I am planning on doing a lot of baby led weaning type of meals for her but Hubs still isn't sold... I should probably buy a book on it and read it quick!

Ben is adjusting well to being full time at the table with us - although for some reason he thinks feet on the table is an acceptable thing to do... we need to work on that!

Here is a sampling of things he has eaten lately:

Organic red peppers and hummus

Spinach Pie is ALWAYS a favorite around here!

Butternut squash mac n cheese and Brussel Sprouts - He LOVED this the first day and refused to touch any leftovers

3 crackers stacked together = a cracker sandwich apparently! It's not all gourmet around here - I'm just a Mama doing the best I can!

He has really been enjoying cooking WITH me lately and we made date/almond "cookies" together. He definitely tried to lick the bowl clean!

Fresh popped popcorn for snowed in Movie day!

Scrambled Egg, strawberries, toast and a few bites of Morning Star "sausage"

Almond butter and Jelly sandwich with thawed frozen peas.
He refuses to let me cut his sandwich anymore. Instead he pulls it apart and eats it in the messiest way possible. Ah toddlers!
Also, the blue hand is a teether that he calls "my ice pack" and insists on getting it from the freezer at least 5 times a day for various "injuries"

Egg Salad sandwich (just hard boiled eggs with a bit of mayo) and carrot sticks

So that is a bit of what we have been eating around here! He's definitely exerting his independence lately and refusing to eat certain things but overall he does a good job at mealtime! 

Come back next month to check out Lucy's first month joining in!

What are your munchkins eating? 


  1. Just a question… What kind of bread do you use? It looks yummy! Love all of his eats :)

  2. I love seeing what other little ones are eating! My 14 month old is currently on a yogurt and banana kick. He would eat this at every meal if I let him! Tonight I made him little turkey veggie meat loafs in mini cupcake tins and they were a huge hit! He had no clue he was eating broccoli, carrots, and zucchini too :)

  3. Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner! I actually make our bread - recipe here: It's delicious and I like knowing everything that goes into it!