Monday, March 10, 2014


So I have officially joined the Stitchfix fan club after receiving my first fix last week. As a working mom of two young babies, it's increasingly difficult for me to get to the store to find nice quality clothing for myself. Especially considering my current wardrobe limitations (breastfeeding friendly, accommodating for my post baby/softer body shape), looking for new clothes feels more like a chore, and often a frustrating one, than a fun hour to myself. Enter Stitchfix! A collection of clothing chosen for me by a personal stylist based on a survey and information I gave them when I signed up. What a fun idea! 
I payed my $20 and waited for my fix. I won't lie I was not patient and may have checked the tracking site like a lunatic and squealed in joy when I saw it was out for delivery!
This box on my doorstep made me very happy :) 
I opened it up to find 5 tops, which is exactly what I wanted because my bottom half is still in baby recovery mode and is a different size seemingly everyday.  
There was a set of cards, one for each piece, with style suggestions on how you could wear your items, and also a personalized note from my stylist on why she chose the items she did, specifically mentioning comfort and ease of breastfeeding. Thanks Angie, those are my most important criteria! 
Here are the items from my first Fix:

1. Ombré Magenta Sweater - $48

This sweater was so pretty! The color was vibrant, the cutouts added such a cool extra something to it, and the knit material was soft and delicate. Unfortunately, with 2 grabby kids and Velcro cloth diapers, I would undoubtedly snag this beauty and ruin it in the first day. In fact I was worried just trying it on! 

Verdict: returned 

2. Mixed material printed tshirt - $44

This was a lightweight, very soft tshirt material in a heather grey front and a gorgeous pattern on the back. Seriously, look how fun the blues, pinks and tans are! 
I loved this shirt, it is so my style it almost hurt to put it back in the box, BUT I already have several tops in this shape made from sturdier materials that I've gotten for less than $20 and the $44 price tag was just too much for me for a tshirt.

Verdict: returned

3. Turquoise cross back tshirt - $54

Again, I loved this shirt. The material was thick and soft. Almost luxurious. The button details on the back and sleeves were so fun. The cutouts were well lined up to cover up even my intense nursing bra straps, which is quite a feat! The little bit of white peeking out is the tag attached to the shirt.
The cut of this shirt flattered my body by minimizing my chest size and hiding my post baby belly, although it did hug my back chub a little bit more than I liked.

Verdict: returned

4. Cross front high low top - $45

This is a piece that was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I liked the pattern. The fit was way off with the high being too high and the low being not quite low enough. It looked almost like a crop top on me and just didn't work with my body type.

Verdict: returned

5. Chevron TCEC cardigan - $58

I'm a sucker for an open cardigan! Something I can wear with jeans or leggings, and switch what I wear underneath for a completely different look? Sign me up! 
This one had a sturdy knit material, so no concerns about snags. The neutral colors make it extremely versatile. I loved how it was "chevron" without being "CHEVRON" if you know what I mean (pattern overload!) 
The price was a little more than I would usually spend on something like this but it is well made and I know I will wear it a lot! Plus I already spend $20 that would go towards my purchase, so that made the $58 price tag into a $38 price tag and made the purchase easier. 

Verdict: Keep!

Overall, I'm really happy with my first Stitchfix and can't wait to do it again! I'll probably sign up to do it once every 2-3 months just because it can be an expensive treat, but I loved the experience and really look forward to what Angie has in store for me next time! 

This is not a sponsored post, I just loved my experience and love seeing what others get in their Fixes so I thought I would share mine ;) if your interested in getting a fix of your own, consider clicking my referral link above. Stitchfix has an exciting customer referral program that rewards you with $25 towards future fixes for any referrals when their first fix is delivered. Thanks for checking out my first fashion post! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Munchkin Meals: Cooking with a toddler

I'm linking up once again with Brittany from A Healthy Slice Of Life for Munchkin Meals! I love this monthly feature because it gives me some really great food ideas from lots of other mamas!
This time I thought I could focus on one meal and how I involve Ben in the meal making process at almost 2 1/2 years old. 

I was making Mama Pea's "meaty green bean casserole" (I wanted to include a link here but sadly, she has left the blogging world so this recipe is no longer available online. Sadface... Her amazing cookbooks ARE available on Amazon here.)  This vegan casserole is a favorite in our house, and if you have never made her Cookie Dough Balls you seriously don't know what you are missing!

Now where was I? Oh yes, cooking with a toddler. So Ben LOVES to help mommy with dinner and asks to do it frequently. I try to not get too involved with the hot stovetop or sharp knives but if it's pouring or mixing or other safe activities I love my little sidekick to get in on the action! I originally thought I would have him help me trim the green beans (breaking off the ends that can get a little tough during cooking) but quickly realized  that expecting that kind of precision from him was a recipe for frustration for us both. I adjusted my expectations several times throughout our dinner prep. First I would trim the ends off a bean then give it to him. He then broke it in half and put it in a bowl. 
He then told me he was going to eat one, which of course is fine. I honestly didn't expect him to like it because he has had a pretty intense aversion to them since starting solid foods, but he gobbled it up and asked for more! All in all he probably ate 25 green beans while we sat together getting dinner ready. An extra serving of vegetables before dinner even started?!? Awesome!
Because I was able to trim much faster than he could break in half, I was also able to cut up the mushrooms and "sausage" (we used light life brand but I've done it with tofurkey and field roast brands and all are delicious). I also got the ingredients for the mushroom sauce out and let him pour them from the measuring cups into a bowl and mix it up. My child is obsessed with measuring cups so he really enjoyed this part! Since everything moves more slowly with a toddler in on the action, almost a half hour had passed and he was ready to move on at this point which was perfect because it was time for the cooking part anyway. 
We had so much fun making this meal together, I can't wait to do it again! My favorite part was when he would hold up one green bean and say "it's a BIG one mommy" then break it in half and with a huge grin say "now it's a LITTLE one!" Then eating them of course! So cute! 
Have you tried involving your toddler in the cooking process? Any tips or tricks?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Munchkin Meals: 6 months and 2 1/2 years

I've been looking forward to joining in on this Munchkin Meals for a long time! There is something so fun about babies first foods! As I mentioned last time, my plan was to try out Baby Led Weaning with Miss Lulu, and boy was I excited about it! As has been the case with many things with this girl, food has NOT gone according to plan. For starters, we had a bought of stomach bug around here that started with Lucy and cycled through the family, lasting about a week. Since recovering, my milk supply suffered. We switched from a fabulous 3 hour schedule that made us both happy to now we nurse on demand. Some days this means we nurse 7 times before "bed" and others as many as 15 times. We also nurse overnight anywhere from 4-8 times. basically we are doing a LOT of nursing, and my supply has recovered. I had hoped to make it to the 6 month milestone before starting solid foods, but my girl was HANGRY and we had to do something about it! To be honest, we only started foods 4 days before she turned 6 months, but it was a struggle for me mentally, just because I had planned it a certain way and it didn't go the way I wanted! Type A personality or what?! Anyway, Lu's first food was avocado, and I mashed it by hand with a bit of breast milk and let her go to town. I gave her some on a spoon and some on her tray to play with and she happily gobbled it up.

As I said, I was hoping to do Baby Led Weaning, but because of the dip in my milk supply, girlfriend was hungry and it came down to get some food in her or risk my supply issues getting worse due to frustration issues for both of us, so I started with purees but also allowed her the opportunity to have some larger pieces of food to play with and explore. 

She really loves the spoon and continuously rips it out of my hand. After avocado we tried butternut squash, simply because I already had one in the  house. 
She didn't love it and played with it more than she ate it. 
Next was sweet potato, which she did really enjoy. 
More than anything else she REALLY likes to drink water, which I gave to her on a whim one day after some avocado seemed to be a bit sticky in her mouth.
I've played around with some mixing of veggies too. This day was butternut squash and sweet potato with a bit of olive oil.
Half of a banana. She gums at it for a bit and gets a few soft pieces off then gives up.
She REALLY likes peas!

This day was a sweet potato, avocado and olive oil mix. 
And a nice big chunk of peeled raw apple for her to chew on for her sore gums. 
I plan to go much more into detail in my next post about our feeding issues, but here is a little bit of a spoiler: she's not gaining weight :( She's not loosing either which is good but she has been stagnant for longer than the doctor is happy with and we've been working on it so I plan to share my experiences with that. Stay tuned!

As for the bigger munchkin, boy had some good eats this month! A new breakfast special around here, Banana Cakes with a drizzle of real maple syrup and strawberries. I used to give him syrup to dip in but he eats it with a spoon and doesn't touch the pancakes so now I put it directly on for him. 
He asks for everything "big" these days so when I asked if he wanted carrots and he said "yes, I want a BIG carrot" I didn't think much of it. Then he told me he was going to eat "all the hummus" and I honestly think he might have if I didn't take it away towards the end! Little hummus fiend, just like his Mama!
For lunch he had an almond butter and jelly sandwich (pretty much every day when he is home but he loves it) and some corn and avocado - I didn't get a picture.

After his nap, he ate a sliced apple.

Then for dinner he had a hummus wrap, a few sticks of cheddar cheese and some baby dill pickles. He insists on eating the wrap open faced. 
Not a bad day of food for the big guy! 

If you haven't already, check out everyone else's Munchkin Meals over at Ahealthysliceoflife with Brittany! Thanks again Brittany for hosting my favorite link up!